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Posted May 7, 2021 at 10:34 am

Hey peeps!! Hope you’re all doing well <3

I’ve been meaning to write an update on the whacky schedule the comic has recently adopted, but… I’ve just been so over my head with life things that I haven’t had the time to write something until now.

Basically, it looks like we’re doing irregular (aiming for bi-weekly) updates for the next couple of months. The reason being because I create pages on the weekends during my free time, but weekends have been busy these days with wrapping up commissions. I’m not thrilled about making this official, but it’s just the way things have to roll for now. I don’t want to compromise the story just because one day life decides I need to make a really huge jug of lemonade.

Honestly, thank you all so much for reading and commenting. It means more than I can express <3

Hiveworks Comics