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Posted September 26, 2021 at 8:58 am

Hey folks! Long time no update! Even though it’s safe to say that it was obvious that the comic went on hiatus, I never officially said it went on hiatus.

So it’s.

It’s on hiatus.

For a while. I can't promise how long, but I'm guessing for about a year. Maybe more, hopefully less.

Life got interesting and busy these past few months which is why I disappeared, but it's time to let you guys know what's happening with the comic and what the plans are for the future.

I gotta start with why there was a break that led to this hiatus in the first place. Back in February I got a full-time gig that fell into my life like a blessing from the sky. My plan was to continue Fireweed Moors while having my job; so long as I stuck to a schedule it was doable. Work on the weekdays, comic on the weekends. And that was ok for a while, but because of how I wrote/created the comic (being that the plot was outlined but events were more flexible and so could be decided on in a day-to-day way), I felt that I was losing sight of how I wanted to tell the story. Working on a page the day before it was meant to be uploaded was becoming a common occurrence as well, which was stressful. So I stopped making pages.

In conclusion, the hiatus is the time I’m giving myself to finish writing Fireweed Moors, and work on it behind the scenes. I need to focus on sorting everything out before coming back, as the plot is basically a big puzzle of twists and myths. Of course, you’ll be updated when things get rolling again. I won’t start posting pages and then make the announcement that the story is back five months later. Shout out to pylgrim for mentioning RSS feeds; If you want to get notified when the website itself updates, I recommend checking out their comment on the previous post on how you can do that! Alternatively, you can follow FM on Twitter or Tumblr.

Thank you for following the story, for the comments and the amazing support. Also for asking the important questions, such as if you’re allergic to cats and get a cat head, are you still allergic to cats? Are you? I… I don’t know.

Catch you later peeps <3
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