Hiveworks Comics



A young gal with plans that get ruined. She owns an old car, likes sandwiches, but won't easily tell you much more than that; she's pretty quiet about herself.


He's got a cat head, and he's got the name of a fish. He seems like a decent fellow? He hopes that this section about him can be more extensive in the future.


Sil isn't allowed to drive a car. He's not very good at executing plans, either. But he's trying his best to capture Pike with his pal Gavin.


Gavin is allowed to drive a car. He could've been a successful executor of plans if it weren't for Brenna. He's cool, collected, and really wants to capture Pike. 


Brenna’s good friend who just helped her move back into the house she’s not staying at.


She's so mysterious this preview is 90% hands. Knows how to talk on phones.