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Phase 01 - 081
Posted October 30, 2020 at 2:46 pm

It's time to fulfill promises and fill up glasses.


That’s a wrap for Phase One! Whoo!! It’s been a long ride. Thanks a ton for sticking around and reading, and perhaps for being pin-balled from Tumblr to Tapas over to the new website. A huge shout-out to Hiveworks for picking Fireweed Moors up during this first chapter, it’s been incredible and I’m still over the moon about it <3

I’ve got some updates concerning what’s gonna happen from here on out, but before that I also wanted to say thanks to those of you who leave comments! It’s so encouraging and uplifting to hear from you peeps as I throw you further into this roller coaster ride.

Ok, news! Fireweed Moors will be going on a small hiatus, and will be returning next month with Phase Two, on November 20th. I need to make sure everything is sorted out for the upcoming Phase, as well as create a backlog of pages so that if life does give me lemons, I can in fact make lemonade as they say instead of yeeting myself into an anxious abyss.

Patreon on the other hand will still be getting new page updates during the hiatus! Those backlog pages will be uploaded for $5 patrons to read as they’re completed, so if you wanna keep in touch (and get extras along the way) go check it out.

That’s about it! Thanks again peeps, I’ll see you again in November. Take care, and have an awesome Friday <3

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